Condoleezza Rice & NCAA Football?

Updated: October 18, 2013
Condoleezza Rice football

NCAA Football News - Everyone’s talking about whether Condoleezza Rice is a legitimate selection committee member, now that the official list of the 13-member group was released. There had been rumors of parts of the list being leaked, but now we know who made the cut for sure.

What is the former Secretary of State doing on any list related to football? CFP executive director, Bill Hancock, tells us, “Obviously, she’s made world-class decisions over her career. She’s good at analyzing and discerning facts. But she knows this game. She’s been around this game a long time. And as provost at Stanford, athletics reported to her. So she had to know the game.”

Some people would argue and fight about the committee members, no matter who was chosen. Some say ridiculous things, like that women shouldn’t get to pick which teams play for the national title. Others say only previous football players would understand enough to make these choices. Still others disagree whether Rice has enough experience analyzing the sport or if she’s just a fan.

“Listen,’’ Hancock said, in her defense, “If you know this game, if you can make difficult decisions under scrutiny and you have good judgment and can discern among different facts, you belong on this committee.”

The commissioners of the big five conferences were in charge of listing the recommendations of who should be on the committee. They gave over 100 strong choices. Many were in favor of Rice.

We don’t know how the final 13 will make the decision, but we can be pretty sure that football fans will not accept anyone on the committee or any decision made, because it’s the nature of the sport to be passionate and argumentative. This will show to be especially true in regards to this decision about what will soon be the nation’s second-biggest football event.

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